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"Together we can make a difference!"

Who We Are

Here at Eko Club DC Metro, we are driven to galvanize the efforts of all Lagosians residing in the United States towards improving the lives of all Lagosians at home and abroad. We strive to provide humans services redevelop communities and enhance the qualities of life for and communities at large.

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Making A Difference


Social Activities

Eko Club DC Metro is a social club.  We organize events to promote the economic, social, educational, cultural, tradition and political development of Lagos State.   We create and promote an atmosphere appropriates for inter-tribal communication and foster the cultural, traditional and social of our members

Eko Community Development (501c3)

Our Community Development nonprofilt (501c3) organization embarks on community impactful projects such as feeding homeless, improving orphanage facilities, supporting back to school for kids, organizing medical missions and mentoring less privilege individuals to focus on the path to greatness


Eko Club International Affiliate 

Eko Club DC Metro is affiliated with Eko Club International (ECI).  An umbrella on all Eko Club chapters worldwide, fostering together we can make a difference.  Visit website for more information on ECI and her purpose.

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"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"  Your penny counts.  Thank you

Hon. Bode Esuola - President

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16700 Melford Blvd, Suite 400, Bowie, MD 20715

+1 240 476 1323

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